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Babycare Touch & Learn Pen and Books Set

Touch & Learn Pen and Books Set


- Sensitive Wording Sensor – The pen will sense the wording and read it out in 0.2 seconds. The quick response of the pen can speed up the learning process.

- Live Level of Clear Sound – Wave sound, bird chirping, songs, music, etc, the sound from the pen is as clear as you hear it real life. Additional learning path for the kids without going outdoor.

- Brain Development – Multiple learning from the books through the pens, it can develop the kid’s imagination, language learning, logical thinking, early learning knowledge, socialize learning and observative skill.

- Dual Language – English & Chinese are the two main languages to be learned in this modern society. It is always good to pickup the language since young. Every books are printed with dual language. Simply click the language option at the first page of the books, the pen will read out the story book in that language. Otherwise, use the pen to point to the word to let it speak it out.

- Test & Game Mode – The books and the wallpaper are equipped with the test mode and the game mode. Parent can always test their kids with the test mode to check if they are learning from book. The game mode is an interactive mode which allows the parent to play with the children, through learning.

- Resourceful Pen – The pen can read out 9000+ of knowledge point from the books and wallpaper, 2300+ of sound effect and music, 2000+ interactive games, 1200+ English words, 650+ English sentences, 90+ Chinese words.

- Sound Recording – Children can record by using the pen and playback whenever they wish to. Parent can check their child learning through the recording.

- Pen Compatibility – It is compatible to more than 38 books from Babycare, more books for different age group to be launched.

- Suitable Age – 1 year old to 7 years old

- What’s in the box – 1 touch and learn pen, 16 story books, 5 wallpapers CT


*It is advisable to charge the pen for 8 hours before first use.

* The touch and learn pen is only available with the “Touch and Learn Pen & Book Set”


Babycare Touch & Learn Pen and Books Set

SKU: BC2006021
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