Babycare Medicine Dispenser

Babycare Medicine Dispenser

- Syringe body is made from food grade PP material, BPA free, safe and odorless

- Soft silicone nipple design, for easier feeding

- Special design of the teat, allow the liquid to flow evenly to prevent the choking

- TPE suction base design, tight suction and no spilling will happen

- The whole syringe and nipple are safe to sterilize with boiling water, UV and steam sterilization

- Can be used for supplement, juice, or milk feeding, not restricted to medicine feeding only

- Note: Wash the silicone teat immediately if use with coloring medicine, otherwise the silicone teat will tend to dye with the color, this is common for silicone material.

- Suitable for baby from 0 months onwards

- Color : Green, Beige, Pink

Babycare Medicine Dispenser