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Bolin Bolon Wooden Forest Building Blocks Set

1. Build with your imagination.
Spark your creativity to assemble your unique kinds of trees from the many building blocks available.
2. Tilt it, move it, change it.
Let nothing stop you from creating the trees in every imaginable forms!
Come and build your own little forest!
“Shown here is what your “Seven Trees” set can do
3. You can also remove the base of the tree to create a balancing challenge.
Challenge yourself by balancing each component
Large base     Medium base     small base
Balance difficulty:  Balance difficulty:  Balance difficulty:  
4. Lining up the building blocks and create a game of domino effect.
Hear the sound of the falling blocks knocking against each other.
Use your imagination to create more ways to play together!
1. This product is suitable for children aged 0-14 years. It must be used under the supervision of adults to avoid danger.
2. This product contains small parts, please do not swallow.
3. Please do not place the product around the heater, open fire and other high temperature hazards.
4. Please do not use it in wet places. The product may turn moldy or discolored.
5. Do not expose to the sun for a long period of time to prevent the wood from cracking.
6. When not in use, please store the product in a cool place.
7. When cleaning, do not soak the pieces in water or use any strong detergent, solvent or soap. Simply wipe gently with cotton cloth

Bolin Bolon Wooden Forest Building Blocks Set

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    • Shipping & Cancellation Policy

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