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3-Stages Napoyan Nursing Bottle (300ml)

3 Stages Napoyan Nursing Bottle


- Babycare joint design with pediatric, with special consideration on the bottle teat, spout and straw design

- Available in 3 different bottle head: teat, spout, straw

  • Stage 1 (Teat design): 0 - 6 months 
  • Stage 2 (Spout design): 6 - 12 months 
  • Stage 3 (Straw design): 12 -36 months 

- Interchangeable bottle head, without changing the bottle, to cope with child's development

- Bottle material: Premium PPSU

- For 160ml and 240ml, come with the weighted ball for easy drinking

- Every bottle is come with one default bottle head (teat or spout or straw)

- Available in 3 different volume: 160ml, 240ml, 300ml


**Bottle with straw option do not come with separate connector, the straw head is attached with the connector as one piece.


3-Stages Napoyan Nursing Bottle (300ml)

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