Babycare Training Chopsticks

Babycare Training Chopsticks

- Made from food grade ABS material, BPA free and odorless

- Designed in 3 slots to fix the finger, easier to handle and use

- Special designed chopstick weight for children, easy to learn and hold

- Durable and able to withstand multiple drop

- Beginner: Use 3 rings to master the technique

- 2nd Level user: Remove middle finger’s ring and only use 2 rings, try to learn how to use middle finger to control the chopstick

- 3rd Level user: Remove forefinger’s ring, try to learn how to use forefinger to control the chopstick

- Master user: Remove all the ring and use the chopstick like normal chopstick

- Flat chopstick head with rough inner surface allow children to take the food easier

- Suitable for 24 months children and above

- Color : Tasman Blue, Talman Orange, Perri Pink

Babycare Training Chopsticks

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